Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Comics Series - FORGOTTEN CITY

FORGOTTEN CITY: A new multi-part, graphic novel adventure series; a coming-of-age tale set in a hidden city ravaged by apocalypse. It follows two boys — Wilshire and Dirt — struggling to survive in the Outcaste’s tunnels, where they discover an even more dangerous way of life ruled by a secret society.

Issues #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 are now available online at ComiXology for just $1.99 each. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Latest Published Work - Fiction

Ongoing anthology series of new gaslamp era mysteries for The Great Detective to solve,

QUATERMAIN: THE NEW ADVENTURES - The return of a classic hero in a new series of adventures starts with my novella, "Golden Ivory. - Now available on Amazon

"If I didn't know better I would think it's an original I'd not read. All the ingredients are there. The grizzled old African adventurer, the naive new lad and the elephants. This is the Quatermain I know and love." - Review on Goodreads

The Protectors

THE PROTECTORS - A new shared world superhero prose fiction anthology that includes a couple of stories featuring my multi-generational mythos, The Raven. - Now available on Amazon.

Monday, August 8, 2011


  • THE JAMES BOND LEXICON: The Unofficial Guide to the World of 007 in Movies, Novels and Comics. (scheduled for publication 2015) - Check out the book's tumblr blog for updates, background information, and progress reports.
  • THE LEXICON AFFAIR: The Unofficial Guide to the World of U.N.C.L.E. (publication date to be determined.)
  • THE RUBY FILES VOL. 2: The continuing adventures of 1930's PI Rick Ruby in New York including my short story "Mars McCoy Is Dead." (Scheduled for publication in 2015.)
Also coming from Airship 27 more Sherlock Holmes, Allan Quatermain and Rick Ruby stories.

From ProSe Press
  • ASIAN PULP: A collection of New Pulp adventure with an Eastern twist, including the debut story of my new pulp heroine, The Lotus Ronin (Scheduled for publication in 2015)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Business Books from XML Press

THE CONTENT POOL  Leveraging Your Company’s Largest Hidden Asset makes the case for placing content creation, management and distribution on a par with other core strategic business activities.  - available to order on-line through the publisher's website, or via Amazon.
  • “Great, easy to read book about one of the most important assets a company has.”
  • "This is a fantastic book! Strongly recommend this book to any manager who is involved with defining a company's digital product definition (marketing, engineering, service, technical publications, etc). The Content Pool is an easy to read book that is loaded with interesting perspective, executable suggestions and fresh examples/data."

WIKI: Grow Your Own for Fun and Profit introduces the concept of wikis, and show why they are becoming the must-have communications and collaboration technology for businesses of any size. - available to order on-line either through the publishers website, or via Amazon, an eBook Kindle version is also available for just $9.99. 
  • “This is an indispensable book for people who want to get a wiki going.”
  • "A welcome addition to the promotion of wikis and wiki culture.”
  • “Does a great job of introducing this most powerful collaboration and knowledge management tool, wikis.” 
  • "Spot on when it comes to the benefits a wiki can offer and the implementation approach to take.” 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


 CARS (BOOM! Studios & Disney Publishing)

I had a great time writing the ongoing stories from the world of the Disney*Pixar CARS movie.

All individual issues are available in good comic book stores.

Mini-Series : CARS: The Rookie #1-4 (Trade paperback collection available).
Mini-Series: CARS: Radiator Springs #1-4 (Trade paperback collection now available).

CARS on-going series:
#0-#3 "Road Rally" (Trade paperback collection now available) - Also Available in magazine format in Issue #1 of Disney*Pixar Presents CARS.
#4-#7 "Route 66 Dash" (Trade paperback collection now available) - Available in magazine format in Disney*Pixar Presents CARS: Route 66 Dash (Out in January 2012 from Marvel Comics)

Click here for a cover gallery featuring the various issues of CARS I wrote.

GOD SHOP (Tokyopop)

God Shop -  What would you do if you were gifted with the power of a god for a day? Would you use it for good, or for selfish advancement?

Originally produced as an online manga pilot project for Tokyopop and now available as a limited edition two-issue mini-series exclusively at conventions.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pop-Culture History & Reference Books: Available Now

Books I've written that are currently in print:

Books: Articles and Essays

I contributed either feature articles or essays to the following titles, most of which which are still available:

Articles in Print and OnLine

  • Editor at Large for - mainly movie, and book reviews along with the occasional column.
Over the years I've also had articles published in the following magazines:

Ars Technica / Austin Monthly / Back Issue / Beatlology Magazine / Comic Buyers Guide / Comic & Games Retailer / Comicopia / Comics International / Comics World / The Communicator / Computer World / Computing / Disaster Recovery Journal / Disclosures / Flightpath / HP Solutions / Information Management / Intercom / The Manual / Net*Works / New Pulp/ Popular Culture / Socialist Alternative / TechComm Manager / The Smell Of Napalm / Venue